Lead Crystal SLA Battery

Lead Crystal battery technology is revolutionary and is changing the way we think about batteries.

Lead Crystal batteries eliminate the disadvantages of traditional SLA batteries, seriously outperform AGM, Gel and Flooded Lead Acid batteries and offer lithium like performance at a third of the cost.

Lead Crystal batteries have a massive cycle life up to 6,000 charges/discharge cycles at 20% depth of discharge. Long battery life. Float service life up to 18 years.

The batteries can be 100% discharged to 0 volts daily and full rated capacity can be restored. Charges up to two times faster than conventional alternatives. Can be stored 2 years with no refresh charging required. Simplifies logistics.

All this in a battery that is safe with no risk of leakage, 99% recyclable and is the only battery that is classified as non-hazardous and can be easily transported by air, land or sea. No risk of leakage, less acid, no cadmium or antimony and fewer fluids because of crystallization.

We have an extensive range of 12V batteries that can be used in any application where AGM, Gel or Flooded Lead Acid, batteries are typically used. Lead Crystal batteries are also preferred in many applications using lithium batteries.

CNFJ series must be charged at a minimum of 30% of the C10 rated capacity in the bulk phase. Refer to the product data sheet for detailed charging requirements.

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