Industrial Ni-MH Rechargeable Button Cells

Batteries Industrial Ni-MH Rechargeable Button Cells
varta-nimh   varta-lithium

From V 6 HR to V 600 HRT, from 6 mAh up to 600 mAh – VARTA provides a full programme of rechargeable button cells for all performance requirements.

Key features:
  • Safety: built-in pressure vent guarantees safety in case of mistreatment.
  • Low self discharge: no handling, no charging - ready to use afer storage due to superior self discharge performance
  • Cycle Life: extended product life time of more than 1000 cycles
  • Overcharge capability: cost effective charging system with no need for special components due to patented GCE electrode
  • Deep discharge capability: longer lasting shelf-life with high capacity retention after deep discharge
  • No leakage: direct mounting on PCB possible due to patented crimp sealing system


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