APC UPS Battery Replacement and Upgrade

Batteries APC UPS Battery Replacement and Upgrade
The table below provides a list of APC Replacement Battery Kit numbers for UPS models manufactured by APC.
Click on the model of your UPS in the list below to find the correct replacement battery kit.  If you are not sure which model of UPS you have got then you can find the model number on a white label which is usually on the back or underside of the unit.

Alternatively email us your UPS details and we will look up the battery kit.
RBC1 RT655 2 RBC35 RT1232 1
RBC2 RT1272 1 RBC36 RT1272 8
RBC3 RT6120 2 RBC37 RT1272 8
RBC4 RT12120 1 RBC40 RT1272 1
RBC5 RT1272 2 RBC43 RT1255 8
RBC6 RT12120 2 RBC44 RT1255 16
RBC7 RT12180F3 2 RBC45 RT1255 1
RBC8 RT1272 4 RBC46 RT1255 1
RBC9 RT1272 2 RBC47 RT1232 1
RBC11 RT12180F3 4 RBC48 RT1272 2
RBC12 RT1272 8 RBC49 RT12180F3 2
RBC17 RT1272 1 RBC50 RT12180F3 2
RBC18 RT680 2 RBC51 RT1272 1
RBC20J RT1255 2 RBC52 RT12120 2
RBC22 RT1272 2 RBC53 RT1290 3
RBC23 RT1272 4 RBC54 RT1272 4
RBC24 RT1272 4 RBC55 RT12180F3 4
RBC25 RT1272 4 RBC57 RT1272 4
RBC26 RT1272 8 RBC59 RT1272 4
RBC27 RT1272 8 RBC60 RT1272 2
RBC29 RT1255 1 RBC62 RT1272 2
RBC30 RT1255 1 RBC105 RT1272 8
RBC31 RT1272 4 RBC110 RT1272 1
RBC32 RT1272 2 RBC114 RT1272 1
RBC33 RT1272 2 RBC123 RT1272 2
RBC34 RT680 4 SYBT2 RT1255 10

Please note: APC & RBC are registered trade marks of American Power Conversion Corporation and we use them for reference purposes only.



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