battery CTEK smart chargers

The Smartest Battery Charger In The World, CTEK have established a reputation for the highest quality and unparallel reliability. Many of the world’s largest automotive brands use CTEK chargers as their OEM battery charger. This is testament to the quality of the product and the industries acceptance that CTEK’s is the number one lead acid charging innovator.

We carry all popular models of CTEK chargers. Our NZ sourced CTEK chargers carry local warranty between 2-5 years (depending on model). We currently carry a wide range to cater to every individual user. Whether it is home handyman, DIY electronics, Marine or the professional Auto Electrician, we will have a CTEK battery charging product to match your needs.

Used by industry leading car manufacturers worldwide


CTEK has won more than 15 different independent battery charger tests since 2005. Below are a range of automotive and consumer groups that have provided positive reports on CTEK chargers.



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