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PANASONIC ACD-341, DMW-BCK7, DMW-BCK7E Compatible Battery

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Camera Camcorder Batteries


This compatible battery is designed to replace the models of Panasonic and other Manufacturers as described below.
  • Chemistry : Li-ion
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Capacity : 700mAh / 2.6Wh
  • Warranty: 1 Year
This battery is also known and compatible with the following.
  • Panasonic ACD-341, DMW-BCK7, DMW-BCK7E
Compatible and support for use with the following model numbers:-
Lumix DMC-FP77
Lumix DMC-FS14
Lumix DMC-FS22
Lumix DMC-FS41
Lumix DMC-FX80GK
Lumix DMC-FH2K
Lumix DMC FH2
Lumix DMC-FH2
Lumix DMC-FH24
Lumix DMC-FH25
Lumix DMC-FH25A
Lumix DMC-FH25GK
Lumix DMC-FH25H
Lumix DMC-FH25K
Lumix DMC-FH25R
Lumix DMC-FH25S
Lumix DMC-FH25V
Lumix DMC-FH27
Lumix DMC-FH27GK
Lumix DMC-FH27K
Lumix DMC-FH27R
Lumix DMC-FH27S
Lumix DMC-FH2A
Lumix DMC-FH2K
Lumix DMC-FH2P
Lumix DMC-FH2R
Lumix DMC-FH2S
Lumix DMC-FH4
Lumix DMC-FH4K
Lumix DMC-FH4P
Lumix DMC-FH4S
Lumix DMC-FH5
Lumix DMC-FH5K
Lumix DMC-FH5N
Lumix DMC-FH5P
Lumix DMC-FH5S
Lumix DMC-FH5V
Lumix DMC-FH6
Lumix DMC-FH6A
Lumix DMC-FH6K
Lumix DMC-FH6P
Lumix DMC-FH6S
Lumix DMC-FH6Y
Lumix DMC-FH7
Lumix DMC-FH8
Lumix DMC-FH8K
Lumix DMC-FH8N
Lumix DMC-FH8R
Lumix DMC-FH8S
Lumix DMC-FH8V
Lumix DMC-FP5
Lumix DMC-FP5A
Lumix DMC-FP5G
Lumix DMC-FP5K
Lumix DMC-FP5P
Lumix DMC-FP5S
Lumix DMC-FP7
Lumix DMC-FP77
Lumix DMC-FP7A
Lumix DMC-FP7D
Lumix DMC-FP7K
Lumix DMC-FP7N
Lumix DMC-FP7P
Lumix DMC-FP7R
Lumix DMC-FP7S
Lumix DMC-FS14
Lumix DMC-FS16
Lumix DMC-FS16A
Lumix DMC-FS16K
Lumix DMC-FS16P
Lumix DMC-FS16R
Lumix DMC-FS16S
Lumix DMC-FS18
Lumix DMC-FS18K
Lumix DMC-FS18N
Lumix DMC-FS18P
Lumix DMC-FS18S
Lumix DMC-FS18V
Lumix DMC-FS22
Lumix DMC-FS28
Lumix DMC-FS28K
Lumix DMC-FS28P
Lumix DMC-FS28S
Lumix DMC-FS35
Lumix DMC-FS35A
Lumix DMC-FS35K
Lumix DMC-FS35R
Lumix DMC-FS35S
Lumix DMC-FS35V
Lumix DMC-FS37
Lumix DMC-FS37K
Lumix DMC-FS37R
Lumix DMC-FS37S
Lumix DMC-FS40
Lumix DMC-FS40A
Lumix DMC-FS40K
Lumix DMC-FS40P
Lumix DMC-FS40S
Lumix DMC-FS40Y
Lumix DMC-FS41
Lumix DMC-FS45
Lumix DMC-FS45K
Lumix DMC-FS45N
Lumix DMC-FS45R
Lumix DMC-FS45S
Lumix DMC-FS45V
Lumix DMC-FT20
Lumix DMC-FT20A
Lumix DMC-FT20D
Lumix DMC-FT20K
Lumix DMC-FT20R
Lumix DMC-FT30
Lumix DMC-FX77
Lumix DMC-FX77A
Lumix DMC-FX77K
Lumix DMC-FX77N
Lumix DMC-FX77P
Lumix DMC-FX77S
Lumix DMC-FX77W
Lumix DMC-FX78
Lumix DMC-FX78A
Lumix DMC-FX78GK
Lumix DMC-FX78K
Lumix DMC-FX78N
Lumix DMC-FX78P
Lumix DMC-FX78S
Lumix DMC-FX78W
Lumix DMC-FX80
Lumix DMC-FX80GK
Lumix DMC-FX90
Lumix DMC-FX90K
Lumix DMC-S1
Lumix DMC-S1A
Lumix DMC-S1GK
Lumix DMC-S1K
Lumix DMC-S1N
Lumix DMC-S1P
Lumix DMC-S1PA
Lumix DMC-S1S
Lumix DMC-S1W
Lumix DMC-S2
Lumix DMC-S2EB
Lumix DMC-S2EE
Lumix DMC-S2EF
Lumix DMC-S2EG
Lumix DMC-S2EP
Lumix DMC-S2GA
Lumix DMC-S2GC
Lumix DMC-S2GF
Lumix DMC-S2GK
Lumix DMC-S2GN
Lumix DMC-S2GT
Lumix DMC-S2K
Lumix DMC-S2P
Lumix DMC-S2PU
Lumix DMC-S2V
Lumix DMC-S2W
Lumix DMC-S3
Lumix DMC-S3A
Lumix DMC-S3GK
Lumix DMC-S3K
Lumix DMC-S3KKIT-2012
Lumix DMC-S3PA
Lumix DMC-S3R
Lumix DMC-S3V
Lumix DMC-S3W
Lumix DMC-S3WKIT-2012
Lumix DMC-S5
Lumix DMC-S5EB
Lumix DMC-S5EE
Lumix DMC-S5EF
Lumix DMC-S5EG
Lumix DMC-S5GA
Lumix DMC-S5GF
Lumix DMC-S5GN
Lumix DMC-S5K
Lumix DMC-S5R
Lumix DMC-S5S
Lumix DMC-SZ1
Lumix DMC-SZ1A
Lumix DMC-SZ1K
Lumix DMC-SZ1R
Lumix DMC-SZ1S
Lumix DMC-SZ1V
Lumix DMC-SZ5
Lumix DMC-SZ5K
Lumix DMC-SZ5W
Lumix DMC-SZ7
Lumix DMC-SZ7K
Lumix DMC-SZ7P
Lumix DMC-SZ7T
Lumix DMC-SZ7W
Lumix DMC-TS20
Lumix DMC-TS20A
Lumix DMC-TS20D
Lumix DMC-TS20K
Lumix DMC-TS20R
Lumix DMC-TS30
Lumix DMC-TS30K
Lumix DMC-TS30R
Lumix DMW-FX80
Lumix DMW-FX80K
Lumix DMW-FX80N
Lumix DMW-FX80P
Lumix DMW-FX80V
Lumix DMW-FX80W



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