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CANON BP711 BP714 BP726 Compatible Battery

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Camera Camcorder Batteries


This compatible battery is designed to replace the following models and other manufacturers as described below.

  • Chemistry: Ni-MH
  • Voltage: 6V
  • Capacity: 2100mAh
  • Warranty: 1 Year

This battery is also known and compatible with the following.
  • Canon BP-711, BP-714, BP-726
  • CANON BP711, BP714, BP726

Compatible and support for use with the following model numbers:-
CANON E06, E07, E08, E09, E20, E210, E230, E250, E350, E40, E440, E460, E50, E51, E520, E53, E57, E60, E61, E620, E63, E640, E65, E65A, E66, E660, E67, E680, E70, E700, E77, E80, E800, E800Hi, E808, E850, E850Hi, E90, EQ305, ES100, ES1000, ES10V, ES170, ES18, ES180, ES190, ES200, ES2000, ES20V, ES2500, ES270, ES280, ES290, ES290A, ES300, ES3000, ES40, ES400V, ES500, ES520, ES550, ES600, ES70, ES7000, ES750, ES80, ES800, ES870, ES90, ES900, ES970, EX1, EX2Hi, H440, H460, H480, H520, H640, H660, H680, H800, H850, H-850UC-1, J10, J100, J20, L1, L10, L2, LX1, LX100, LX-1T, UC1, UC10, UC15, UC15C, UC16, UC1Hi, UC1MarkII, UC2, C20, UC25Hi, UC2Hi, UC30, UC30Hi, UC3Hi, UC40Hi, UC55, UC5Hi, UC6000, UC7000, UC7500, UC8000, UC8500, UC9500, UC-L100W, UCS1, UCS2, UCS20, UCS3, UCS5, UC-V1Hi, UCX65Hi, VME70, VME70A, VME77, VME800H, VTLC50 and more.



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