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OEM HP COMPAQ Presario 15 Pavilion VK04 Battery

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HP Laptop Batteries


OEM HP COMPAQ Presario 15 Pavilion VK04 Battery
Battery Type: Replacement OEM Battery
Cell Type: Lithium
Voltage:  14.4V
Capacity: 2200mAh
Condition:100% brand new OEM

Li-Ion Laptop Battery 10.8V and 11.1V are in common use.
Li-Ion Laptop Battery 14.4V and 14.8V are in common use.

Compatible Part#:
HP 694864-851, 728248-221, 751906-541, 888182064801, 888793070352, 888793070383, HSTNN-LB5S, HSTNN-PB5Y, HSTNN-YB4D, HSTNN-YB5M, J1U99AA, J1V00AA, OA04041, VK04

For Laptop Model:
COMPAQ 14-A000, 14-A101TX, 14-D000, 14-D100, 14-G000, 14-G100, 14-R000, 14-R100, 14-R200, 14-S000, 14T-R000, 14T-R100
COMPAQ 15-A000, 15-A100, 15-D000, 15-D100, 15-G000, 15-G100, 15-G200, 15-G500NC, 15-H000, 15-R000, 15-R100, 15-R200, 15T-R000, 15T-R100, 15Z-D000, 15Z-G000, 15Z-G100
COMPAQ Presario 15-D000, 15-h000, 15-S000, 15-S100, 15-S200, 15-S201TX

240 G2
240 G2 /HP CQ14 /HP CQ15
246 G3
248 G1
248 G2
250 G2
340 G1
Chromebook 14-C030US
Chromebook 14-C035US
Chromebook 14-C050NR
Chromebook 14-C053CL
Pavilion 14
Pavilion 14 Ultrabook
Pavilion 14-B004TX
Pavilion 14-B005TX
Pavilion 14-B006TX
Pavilion 14-B016au
Pavilion 14-B023TX
Pavilion 14-B024AU
Pavilion 14-B025AU
Pavilion 14-B025TX
Pavilion 14-B026TX
Pavilion 14-B031TX
Pavilion 14-B032TU
Pavilion 14-B032TU C8B66PA
Pavilion 14-B032TX
Pavilion 14-B033TU
Pavilion 14-B052TU
Pavilion 14-B070TX
Pavilion 14-B071TX
Pavilion 14-N000
Pavilion 14-N100
Pavilion 14-N200
Pavilion 14-W000
Pavilion 14-W100
Pavilion 14-W104la
Pavilion 14-Y000
Pavilion 14Z-N100
Pavilion 14Z-N200
Pavilion 15 Pavilion 15-B101TX C9L95PA
Pavilion 15 Ultrabook
Pavilion 15-B003TX C7E10PA
Pavilion 15-B004TX C7E11PA
Pavilion 15-b135TX
Pavilion 15-e026TX E4X13PA
Pavilion 15-e029TX
Pavilion 15-F000
Pavilion 15-F100
Pavilion 15-F200
Pavilion 15-F210
Pavilion 15-N000
Pavilion 15-N100
Pavilion 15-N151XX
Pavilion 15-N200
Pavilion 15-N200NR
Pavilion 15T-N100
Pavilion 15T-N200
Pavilion 15Z-N100
Pavilion 15Z-N200
Pavilion 248
Pavilion 340
Pavilion 345
Pavilion 350
Pavilion 355
Pavilion G14-A000
Pavilion M4
Pavilion M4-1008TX D9H30PA
Pavilion M4-1009TX D9H31PA
Pavilion M4-1010TX D9H32PA
Pavilion Sleekbook 14
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000ed
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000ee
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000ei 14-b000eo
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000et
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b001ea
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b001eia
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b001tx
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b002tx
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b004tu
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b005au
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b006au
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b007au
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b008au
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b009au
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b009tu
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b010au
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b010us
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b012au
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b013au
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b014au
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b014tu
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b015au
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b015dx
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b022au
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b023tx
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b024tu
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b025tu
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b028au
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b028tu
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b030tu
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b031tu
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b034tu
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b035tu
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b038tu
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b043tu
Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b062la

6 months RTB replacement warranty.
Warranty period is as stated above unless the manufacturer has chosen to specify a longer period.  All warranties are return to base unless otherwise specified.



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