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Camera Batteries INCA Compatible


Inca Battery 780261
Replaces: DMW-BCM13
Specifications: 3.6v approx. 1100mAh

Panasonic: Lumix DMC-FT5, Lumix DMC-FT5A, Lumix DMC-FT5D, Lumix DMC-FT5K, Lumix DMC-FT5S, Lumix DMC-FT6, Lumix DMC-FT6/BL, Lumix DMC-FT6/G, Lumix DMC-FT6/O, Lumix DMC-FT6/R, Lumix DMC-LZ40, Lumix DMC-LZ40K, Lumix DMC-TS5, Lumix DMC-TS5A, Lumix DMC-TS5D, Lumix DMC-TS5K, Lumix DMC-TS5S, Lumix DMC-TS6, Lumix DMC-TS6/BL, Lumix DMC-TS6/G, Lumix DMC-TS6/O, Lumix DMC-TS6/R, Lumix DMC-TZ40, Lumix DMC-TZ40K, Lumix DMC-TZ40R, Lumix DMC-TZ40S, Lumix DMC-TZ40W, Lumix DMC-TZ41L, Lumix DMC-TZ55K, Lumix DMC-TZ55W, Lumix DMC-TZ57, Lumix DMC-TZ57/B, Lumix DMC-TZ57/W, Lumix DMC-TZ60, Lumix DMC-TZ60K, Lumix DMC-TZ60S, Lumix DMC-TZ61, Lumix DMC-TZ70, Lumix DMC-TZ70K, Lumix DMC-TZ70S, Lumix DMC-ZS30, Lumix DMC-ZS30K, Lumix DMC-ZS30R, Lumix DMC-ZS30S, Lumix DMC-ZS30W, Lumix DMC-ZS35, Lumix DMC-ZS35K, Lumix DMC-ZS35W, Lumix DMC-ZS40, Lumix DMC-ZS40K, Lumix DMC-ZS40S, Lumix DMC-ZS45, Lumix DMC-ZS45/B, Lumix DMC-ZS45/W, Lumix DMC-ZS50, Lumix DMC-ZS50K, Lumix DMC-ZS50S, umix DMC-TZ55



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